Saturday, September 08, 2007

This and that

Some "old" photos from 2 months ago,when the semester ended and we got together in Tel Aviv for a lovely lunch.
The waitress said she knew me from somewhere,which was odd because i rarely forget faces, so eventually we've figured out that we've studied in the same school while she was one year younger than me.what a small world.
Hey Eyali!

"So please tell me,how big is the schnitzel here?"
רק הילה חסרה לך פה,סיינט דן חחח


Ah! the home made hamburgers night!
hmm,the photos might be more relevant for the people who were there,but i still hope some of them will be interesting for other eyes.

ze preparations!
Rosh and Bally were discussing some meat spicing issues and according to those expressions meat is nothing you can joke about.

Yigal was poking Bally's injured leg.Mind the sadistic expression mwahaha

"Yigal,you're such a jerk"

Bally's dad has this hobby making artistic cakes.This completely eatable clown completely is just a tiny example of his abilities.

very natural frozen movement.yes.

I must admit,the hamburgers look extremely unattractive in black and white here.

no eating people photos here since i was concentrating on doing that myself,ha.

I promised Stas I'd give him the credit for this photo he shot.

Anna and the burning coal of liberty.


Waiting for the bus.Too bad i didn't notice the dude in the background.

A while ago i spent a week in Bat Yam at Lilya's place so i had a chance to snap some shots in Tel Aviv.Also filled the gap of Tri-x in the fridge <3>
an underwear shop with ridiculously low prices and of course some fake Calvin Klein's

חמסה חמסה חמסה,קלווין

waiting for the bus in Bat Yam.Could be nice to see this one in color,all those flowers patterns.


her little monster,Suzie

me me me

Met Zivachka in Shenkar.I really like her hair blowing in the wind.

and dropped by her place later that week as well.

Soup.In the middle of the summer.Oh,we're such Russians.

i was checking out Amir's new Canon.
Thank you Amir for making me look oh so serious and like i knew what i was doing with this wierd digital device:)

time to finish the roll!

!שנה טובה וחג שמייאח