Saturday, January 26, 2008

color my winter

my precious friend,the little Yashica got abandoned by me for quite sometime.the weather was great so i bought a new battery and took it out for a walk around town.

we saw an old lady who tried to get herself killed

hello kitty!

some local old guys

and some more of them

and more

i stupidly made a hip shot when i could easliy raise the cam at my eye.
he was sticking the mop in his cart(?)

some old ladies as well
(so you won't think i live in a gay-old-guys community)

young people! but,heh,they faces are obviously are not in my interest. ;^^


o.k,this doesn't prove anything about my earlier saying.

"the lottery is tomorrow"

christmas tree in Israel? oh no!
So you know (at least some of you), Israel's population as well consists of more than a million jews who came from the former soviet union (including myself) to whom this tree represents nothing more than a fun cultural tradition.

december sun

what do you know? it seems my shadow has grown itself an little penis.hmm!

she almost stepped on yet another self portrait!!

thank you for your time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

scan yourself a little

it seems it'll take some time until i could show some real until then...

i was trying to do some homework and as always, thanks to my procrastinative nature, found something more fun to do at 2am.