Friday, June 29, 2007

Oly P

whoa! it's been a while.
I got the chance to use this sweet little camera, a half frame Olympus Pen. There's nothing particulary exciting about this tiny machine, it actually took me very long time to finish the 36 frames roll of Fuji reala which eventually turned into 75!
Many photos were not in focus either the focus was not on the subject.The only mode available in this camera is aparture mode.

I don't usually do diptychs but in this case i felt the photos look better together.

Think i should reshoot the left frame at night.i adore such tree shadows on buildings.

unfriendly dog :/

the left frame is dedicated to Bernhard . one day i'll visit your Morgenstern i'm telling you:)

this is such a bizzare store,located at a private house or some shit.
the whole yard is filled with those aweful sculptures.

totally forgot about those two,they actually belong in the previous post about Tal's surprise party.
This is Bally:)

my classmates are cute

sharing apples and stuff

Tomer's thinking: "fuck off and let me enjoy my break at this lovely deck"

Guy is a very serious and busy guy
(and i'm writing stupid sentences at 2am)

some important soldiers,looking like they returned from a resort rather from the base

those kids were hun-gry!

some random sexy mama.rrr

i was basicaly trying to finish this everlasting roll so i just shot everything i saw around me while we were sitting at Yitzik's

haha,this is some other time at Yitzik's,i realised that since Guy's shirt is different

guy was expressing his sorrow and depression towards one of our school projects. It's over baby!

grand master Yitzik!
our beloved food maker

Zivachka on her pussy-phone with the sexy pompon

i'm a monster.mwahaha

some hot architecture

conclusion: it's a shame i wasted this lovely film on such unlovely camera.

hope everyone's having a nice weekend.

next entry will be very soon:)