Wednesday, December 27, 2006


i finally developed 4 here goes a mix of neopan 100,apx 100,ilford pan 400 and ilford hp5 400

a hip shot, literally speaking

some flipped landscape

this was a strange scene to view because you don't usually see a soldier's boots thrown away in a middle of nowhere.

animals are not my favourite subject to shoot but sometimes they just there. what you gonna do?
(can you see the cat?)

I'm thinking of shooting a series about people i walk behind on the street.

Zivit and myself were walking around town on friday when we saw this place behind an old building.
The whole ground was covered with carpets and there was some grass growing through the them.
Rather unusual form of art;)
While Zivit took a few photos, the owner of the exhibition has appeared from somewhere.
He had
heavy Romanian accent and was really excited to pose for us.
His friend was passing by and told him that now he'd be famous.

My town is indeed very boring.

In the evening I went for a little bbq party at Inabl's house.
I didn't shoot much there,but here are the frames I liked most.

Tal & Uri, the cutest couple ever;)

Peter and myself were having most serious conversations about photography, at some point he got a little confused.

Inbal was wearing a candy bracelet, so if you were nice enough you could get a sweet bite .

the end

After skipping certain class I met Nuni who was skipping as well. I told him I was going to see a Street Photography exhibition in Dizenghoff Center so he joined me.

We passed by his place first.

There was a new security guard at the entrance to the Center, thanks to that Nuni was going through some serious bag and body check;)

there were a few really good frames at the exhibition, most of them weren't exciting.

we took a little walk in order to find some place to eat at.
These guys were having hummus.

and so did we.
it was an excellent hummus,but unfortunately i could never finish eating it because the capacity of my stomach is limited in relation to the insane amount of hummus that was in my plate.

she wasn't having hummus but a tea with mint.

in the bus on the way home. too bad there is a part of another photo on the right side.

at first i thought there was some twist in this campaign, but soon enough I saw another poster and realized that this one was just put incorrectly.

i never crop my photos, but this one had a white stripe on the left side which was extremely annoying and in my opinion ruining the photo,so i took it off.

couldn't decide which one i like better

gotta love the mirrors on the train station's toilet!

wow,this was the longest post ever, i think i need a month of rest now.
ta ta.

Family portraits

Monday, December 25, 2006


Thanks to Hanukkah we had one day off last week so i could finally disconnected myself from this stupid box and have a picnic with my family.
While the food was getting prepared I dragged my cousin Michael to come along for a walk.
Made some forest photos but they're not that interesting.On our way back we saw this horse, who was standing still for a few long minutes until i managed to focus properly.
He looked quite sad to me.Maybe I'm wrong,I'm not a horse specialist.

the little boy looked as he was grown with the horses;)

My Mom told me that all the photos i take of grandpa look sad,so I tried to take a happy photo.
Have I mentioned that Fuji Reala is an amazing film?


Michael was carefully supervising that no drop of beer shall be left in the bottle.

On the behalf of Hanukkah we had to bring out home made candlesticks for Typography class.
So we had a little ceremony lighting them which was amusing.I took just 2 shots because...well,it wasn't interesting.

Later we went to Yitzik's where Vika gave Anna a private lesson

2 frames accidentally became one.Where is Dan hiding?

That's a little oink on Dan's plate. It fell straight out of Dan's pita into the hummus on the plate.


As soon as Guy discovered that there is a new bakery nearby he dragged us to check it out.
the Sufganyot (doughnuts) were looking good but we bought a little Bourekas which was o.k.

I have this predilection of re shooting things or scenes with certain changes.
series of dried apricots was shot about 4 years ago and now these peels of mandarins which are also orange.I put them on the same old desk and turned the same lamp on.
Next time I'll make sure the focus is spot on;)

pretty much expresses my state of mind these days...

frame number 36.
I love you fuji reala!