Friday, March 23, 2007

life parts

Some of you may have seen this photo in my DA gallery, i just realized that for some reason i didn't post it here. oh well.
Got 2 rolls developed and one of them had the version color of this image. I think it's interesting to see the difference.Hmm.
The bw was taken with a Nikon EM 50/1.8, agfa apx 100

these were taken while i was trying out my "new" Minolta dynax505si, 28-80AF lens with kodak gold (if i'm not mistaken). It was so freaking odd to use such a "modern" camera.
Funny,i was shooting with 3 cameras at the time these imgaes were taken.

i shot some food at home, and all of a sudden it became a series.
(there's a bw version of this one somewhere in here)
Minolta SRT 101, 35/2.8 , fuji superia 200

Ma cup o tea, a 700ml barrel!

i wouldn't call this thing grandpa preparing a jam, but if you know how to name a mixture of shredded lemons with sugar i'll send you a jar. It tastes very well when you put it in your tea.
(am i imagining or i just sounded like a grandmother?!)

there are tons of garlic in the fridge.

some yellow and red grapefruits.

and a nice pomelo as well

our little stock of vitamines

grandpa taking a nap on 8th of march,international woman's day.

frame number 36.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Stupid technology. Last night i sat down and wrote a post with all those photos here, clicked 'publish' but instead of doing so my comp showed me a nice 'fuck you' error.

Anyhow, the weather was surprisingly nice at the annual Purim masquerade. It usually rains and spoils it for the kids, but not this time. I shot a few frames of Ilford 400 but decided to derive benefit from the weather and therefore bought superia 100. The whole event was quite an amusement, mostly thanks to the innovative costumes of the teenage girls consisting of angel wings, tights, skirts that i've mistaken for belts and some fancy shoes with such a high heels you could commit suicide from.

male angels ain't wearing heels

althought there was so much pink around certain girls weren't too happy

and other girls had to carry stupid sticks with pink crap on top of them for hours!
what a traumatic holiday.

some had very seriois meetings

and some we're examining their sunflower seeds

Have i mentioned that the costumes were very innovative?

non masquarade day

we're all very serious in Shenkar

Eyal designs bags for BIG groceries.

Inna and Gershon, the local cat

some local nature

Bally, i hope from now on you'll be loving this tree;)

no focus in this one but i couldn't care less. i like it a lot.

yeah, i like to keep my portairs very minimalistic at times.

if you haven't recognized them already, bad for you, these are my grandparents.

(the graffiti 'art' on the background is disturbing indeed)

ta ta

Suz, i promise to post some 'normal' bw photos next time ;)

Monday, March 05, 2007

TRI-X! finally!

so what did we have?

There were some end-of-semester projects presentations, so i had to stick my nose in.
This was from the fashion department.
Light was pretty damn bad and it was hard to focus, but i like the result.
This was a beautiful wedding dress (which obviously cannot be seen here) and the girl who designed it was inspired by some elemnts from her childhood in Paris.
Really beautiful and moving piece and some nice music playing along when the model was walking to the stage.
She got some well deserved comploments.
Yey to her!


Guy in a typical pose

i was waiting for the bus to the lab. i think she's from the fashion department.hmm.

too bad that woman on the back was sitting directly in the sun, it was hard to pull out such shot.

disgusting yet photogenic birds were eating green bread.

I stopped close to him and started thinking of a way to take a photo without getting noticed.
I took out my cell phone but didn't use it
He wasn't paying attention at all,he was looking at something else.

after a moment we were both staring at this man crossing the noisy street, with his wheel chair, against traffic direction! I guess i'd be a lousy journalist for not shooting the accident his "safe" crossing caused. That Audi behind him got "kissed" by the Honda and then another car joined the celebration. Luckily no one got ingured, and this guy quietly continued rolling in his chair.

the lights of the soccer field near my house are very tempting

apparently it was raining some time ago,i don't remember when i took this one.

Bally and Yonatan were playing some game whose name i don't recall. After some time this game drives you crazy. There are red and white squers and you gotta take over the whole territory.
(great explanation,yes.if you need any explanations always address to me, please)

some very artistic scratches on the negative.

very serious business

o.k, both the painting and the yawning cat,which is real,are kinda scary from this angle.

Ah,this was on Valentines day aka my birthday. Some tri-x+2.
shouldn't have done that.Whatever.

The oh so photogenic Azrieli Towers.

some noice urban art

yes yes

decorations for valentine's day! awwww

no,not a secret agent, it's only a dummy in a shop window. Zivit is standing in the front but due to the fact that i'm retarted she's completely black.

Zivit's birthday is a week after mine (february is a busy birthdays month in general) so we were hanging in the morning, eating some bourekasim
there's nothinf in this frame, but i somehow like it.

in the evening we (the girls) were suposed to go to this nice irish pub, but since we came late it was too damn full already, so we had a cute 2 hours ride all over the place until we finally joined some other friends in the "usual" pub.
I had an oportunity to practice my fuel filling skills.
Thank you Zivachka for his frame! Start shooting film already damn it!

this is a reminder that drinking and shooting in dark pubs are bad combination.