Friday, March 16, 2007


Stupid technology. Last night i sat down and wrote a post with all those photos here, clicked 'publish' but instead of doing so my comp showed me a nice 'fuck you' error.

Anyhow, the weather was surprisingly nice at the annual Purim masquerade. It usually rains and spoils it for the kids, but not this time. I shot a few frames of Ilford 400 but decided to derive benefit from the weather and therefore bought superia 100. The whole event was quite an amusement, mostly thanks to the innovative costumes of the teenage girls consisting of angel wings, tights, skirts that i've mistaken for belts and some fancy shoes with such a high heels you could commit suicide from.

male angels ain't wearing heels

althought there was so much pink around certain girls weren't too happy

and other girls had to carry stupid sticks with pink crap on top of them for hours!
what a traumatic holiday.

some had very seriois meetings

and some we're examining their sunflower seeds

Have i mentioned that the costumes were very innovative?

non masquarade day

we're all very serious in Shenkar

Eyal designs bags for BIG groceries.

Inna and Gershon, the local cat

some local nature

Bally, i hope from now on you'll be loving this tree;)

no focus in this one but i couldn't care less. i like it a lot.

yeah, i like to keep my portairs very minimalistic at times.

if you haven't recognized them already, bad for you, these are my grandparents.

(the graffiti 'art' on the background is disturbing indeed)

ta ta

Suz, i promise to post some 'normal' bw photos next time ;)


zivit said...

you are probably tired of my WOWs
as I know you dislike ass licking...
but it realy is exciting for me how you capture everything in your own very kira way and the outcome is fantastic.

Happy holidays I guess?

Kira said...

when it comes from you it's REALLY not ass licking,you know that love!

my own kira way...weeeee:D

very happy!

Suzan said...

Heeeey... I can appreciate some colour too! :D
I like this entry! I do.
And this had me cracking up: "skirts that i've mistaken for belts and some fancy shoes with such a high heels you could commit suicide from."
The youth nowadays! Tsk!
Love the "non-focus" portrait and the shots of your bag making friend :)

Anonymous said...

my english very bad but i want try: it's your.

i hope this comment staying many more time ;))

sakalov :)

Bernhard said...

one of the most refreshing blog entries ive seen in some time. i like.

Anonymous said...

ОЙ! рада была обнаружить фотографии Пурима и "веселых" ребят..какие-то лица у всех совсем не соответсутвующие празднику и их любимому розовому цвету...здорово передала настоящие настроение этого праздника...точнее подготовки)волнение и только))я там даже нашла одну девушку, похожую на меня)
а на своем портрете ты получилась лучше,чем в жизни :-р

Süper Eyali said...

kira kicks ass!!!

Guy said...

אחלה צילומים
איזה כיף :)


Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb