Friday, March 23, 2007

life parts

Some of you may have seen this photo in my DA gallery, i just realized that for some reason i didn't post it here. oh well.
Got 2 rolls developed and one of them had the version color of this image. I think it's interesting to see the difference.Hmm.
The bw was taken with a Nikon EM 50/1.8, agfa apx 100

these were taken while i was trying out my "new" Minolta dynax505si, 28-80AF lens with kodak gold (if i'm not mistaken). It was so freaking odd to use such a "modern" camera.
Funny,i was shooting with 3 cameras at the time these imgaes were taken.

i shot some food at home, and all of a sudden it became a series.
(there's a bw version of this one somewhere in here)
Minolta SRT 101, 35/2.8 , fuji superia 200

Ma cup o tea, a 700ml barrel!

i wouldn't call this thing grandpa preparing a jam, but if you know how to name a mixture of shredded lemons with sugar i'll send you a jar. It tastes very well when you put it in your tea.
(am i imagining or i just sounded like a grandmother?!)

there are tons of garlic in the fridge.

some yellow and red grapefruits.

and a nice pomelo as well

our little stock of vitamines

grandpa taking a nap on 8th of march,international woman's day.

frame number 36.


Süper Eyali said...

kira kira... i love the way you think

recycled android said...

i love your bw fotos of your grandparents, but it semms the color work better for some odd reason...

loving your stuff!

Suzan said...

Ahhh, food photos :D I love the one of your grandpa perparing the lemons :) (And is the word you're looking for marmelade?)

Shooting 3 camera's at the same time, you're so pro! ;)
At first glance I thought you just shot the morningritual your grandparents do at different days, but it's at the same time :) I think I like the second one the best! (The horizontal colour one)

maya said...

these are fuckin' gorgeous. what camera do you use?

Kira said...

thanks a lot!

i use a few cameras.on this post there's a mix of Minolta SRT 101,Minolta dynax505si and Nikon EM.
(all of them are analog)

If you read carefully i mentioned them all in the text:)