Friday, April 13, 2007

Boards Of Canada

The title has got nothing to do with the photos.

It was a nice surprise to see some shots back from february on the recent developed film.
I'll try to put photos in their chronological order,not that it does really matters.heh.
All shot with Nikon EM 50/1.8
films used :kodak tri-x,ilford pan 400,neopan ss 100.

celebrating Ira's birthday in the class

i don't remember who's genious idea was it to bring some arak to class,only know it smelled horrible.

this one makes me smile (how very surprising)

special agent Eyal


When I finally met Michal,Dan's girlfriend, the first thing i did after saying hello was sticking the camera in her face,how very polite.

the grafitti above Dan's head means:infinity :)

haha,i like how there are signs about inflammable crap behind Mor and Anna while they're talking on the phone.

Anna has the wierdest eating habbits,she eats sloooowly and bites the sandwitch from its wide side.

Liad likes strange food.I mean,who eats a chocolate filled with strawberry jam?
It should be

וכמו שאמרנו חכמינו...איכס,מה אתה אוכל?

speaking of food,i found this on the streets of Ramat Gan.
it would have been nice to have this one in color.
Red tomatos and some pitot covered with a very green mold and some nice Thousand Island dressing on top!

I already posted the color photos from Purim.
I shot these 2 frames before i loaded the superia100 in the cam.

two identical costumes,so very fashionable! and the boys' expressions are cracking me up.








what a bizarre window shop.its name is "sweet & surprising".
look at this sweet disney threesome.surprising indeed.

there was one friday when went to the beach for some beer drinking action.
i know it's not very original shooting showering people against the sun,but screw originality,i never shot such stuff before.

as usual,grandpa was cutting some sort of vegetable.

waiting for the train

non posing Mom

Mom's funny.i shot her while fixing her hair,but not after that.

find the cat

at Cafe Anna


portraits of a smoking man

and some nature before i go to sleep

the next post will be in color.weee


Vincent Dan Gogh said...

את פאקינג גאון!

Süper Eyali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Süper Eyali said...

הרבה אנשים שואלים אותי " אייל, איך אתה יוצא כל כך יפה בתמונות?" "בקלות", אני עונה להם, "אני מצטלם אצל קירה. קירה, כי כל השאר זה איכס"

Suzan said...

Kira! Freaking nice entry! Lots of food again :D Lots of people with weird expressions!
I especially like the sandwich gril and the smoking man and your mom doing her hair.

zivit said...

a big yummy kira dish:)

Sebastian said...

like the food shots. it can be really nice to shoot objects sometimes .. the small things, just to have them on film.

you mum's great, she's natural in front of the cam. mine is terribly annoyed by it, i never get my shots because she's telling me to stop shooting all the time :p

have troubles focusing my eyes on the cat in that one shot, it's like a chameleon :p

the one shot with the guy licking the spoon's cool too :p haha ..

Guy said...

Great tea shots.
(and for a change, no photos of me sleeping :)

Bernhard said...

disney threesome - it definitely can't get any better.

chanit said...

הגעתי דרל בצקאלים
אהבתי את התמונות

זה שאוהב ריבת תותים בשוקולד said...




רוצה עוד...
(ריבת לימונים?)
(אולי זה יהיה טוב בתוך שוקולד)

sebschne said...

great photos! i really like the one with the smoke out of the guy's nose.
i always miss the right moment when shooting someone smoking, this one is really great!

and hey, there's nothing better than 75% cocoa chocolate filled with cherry and chili!