Thursday, July 17, 2008


on my visits home i tend to open my eyes wider and be even more sensitive about those casual and daily moments involving my family.i'm aware to the fact that i might be repeating myself at times by shooting the same scenes over and over again but,well,i'm not trying to be innovative here.i'm just grateful to take what they give me.

soap opera watching expression aka awww :)

"don't you threaten me with that bread!"
kidding:) she just showed me there was enough and there's no need to buy.

hey mom!

went to some Russian rock bands concert with Lilya.we had a good time even though the sound was shit.
oh,and i should remind myself that i'm not agod and stop shooting concerts @ 400asa.

some deep art for the appreciators ^^;

this i took about 3 months ago,when i moved out and started to cook for myself.
should show this to grandma as a proof that i do eat decent food:)

after finishing a night shift at work the other day i decided to see how southern Tel Aviv and Jaffa were waking up for a new day.

until next time!