Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mainly Shiko's roof

So,yet another fancy entry about my fabulous life in Hadera downtown :P
Family portraits,friends and food.The things that keep me going.weehee.
There were some holidays here,a while ago.Family gatherings and my grandpa celebrated his 81th birthday.Mazal tov!

Note how awesomely and brilliantly i cropped his arms and left plenty of vital space with the important lamp at the top of the frame.Gawd.
Oh btw,I'm having this little CHV-chopped hands virus so beware,there are more such photos here today.

Well the truth is that i love when he smiles,so fuck composition.

(what a lame excuse.hihi)

If the following lines sound familiar it means that you've read the same description on DA already. Copy/paste is one of the best inventions ever.

We've switched the phone company, got a fancy new number.
Since it was grandpa's birthday all kind of friends and relatives from abroad couldn't exactly reach us in order to congratulate him.Grandma got all her phone books together and commanded Grandpa to inform our new number to the world.
As you can see by her expression this is a very serious business.


grandpa and my mom. <3>

master of the bread :)

Mishka (my cousin) showing affection to his mom :) i think he also tickled her afterwards.

he just wouldn't smile on photos so i tried to convince him by saying something ugly which apparently worked.i'm such a good example :P

CHV again

can't recall what we were talking about but as a response grandpa said some naughty word in Yiddish to Mishka and once he got the translation he was pretty amused.

grandma got a little tired by the time we had tea

same with my uncle's mom

On Sukot i was kindly invited to Bally's house for dinner.

Bally's parents
and yet some more CHV

pekaboo,Eitan? :)

some random afternoon at Bally's again

I shoot food at others' houses too.

and some from my house as well.i just love those mini lemons.

On my way to work i saw this

and next,this.
belongs to a baby's name is Ariel.

dunno,such abandoned objects always make me curious.

last time on the beach this summer.had a bbq with lotsa good meat (which i didn't shoot cause it was fucking dark and my hands were dirty from eating it)


yet again,a collection from Shiko's roof

Look! Bugs Bunny is hiding behind Guy's hand!

my mom was pleased to see that i have such civilized friends who play chess.
good for her she never saw the strip poker set.kidding.

Some time during the holidays at Yigal's.
Serious men doing serious computers related business

and getting very tired :)

drinking whiskey is also serious :)

and beer is even more!

went to,surprise suprsie,Shiko again
some fancy pasta cooking

hihi,plastic mice carrying tomato mash
(or am i the only one to see the mice?)

Next event on Shiko's roof was Eitan's birthday Say hello to Eitan.

Anna is the only one who got lucky to be in focus before i had lotsa caipirinha

Yigal's laziness has reached new summits.The caipirinha was very far away so he was making a super straw.

and here i just stopped waisting film

oh,almost forgot.these smiling faces are being sold on out train stations.
have a happy ride!