Sunday, January 28, 2007


why would someone put a traffic light near his garage enterance?

unfortunately the photo does not depict the beauty of hundreds of black and white birds inhabiting this tree, having the loudest conversations ever. I was standing there for 15 minutes, staring at this beautiful madness with a stupid smile on my face.

someone was playing peekaboo :)

my class had a visit to the World Press Photo exhibition, which wasn't impressing at most.
There was also a local version of the exhibition alongside the international. Except a few good photos there was plenty of photoshopped crap.

i must practise keeping the horizons horizontal.

"under the tree"

the bag of my new keyboard. Cheers to graphic designers with a sence of humor.

wtf you say?

these are actually very tasty baked apples with sugar:)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dan Van Gough

A special post dedicated to my friend Dan, who used to be my classmate as well last year, but this year we're "neighbours" cause he studies illustration.

We were sitting over a cup of coffee a while ago, when at some point he remembered he had to show me a sketch he had done that day,and then i just lost him for the pen and the sketchbook:)
It was nice; he was doing what he loves most and so was I.


My Class

Some portraits of my classmates I took during this semester on different occasions.

Yael was going over her photos while i was eating a hgue sandwich.

ha, i remember this one very well;) Maria was pissed off by the time i managed to focus correctly.

An "in between" shot on a little session i made with Hagai.The poor guy had to wear a clown hat and to hold a cigarette in the corner of his mouth for long minutes. It came to the point where he started crying because of the smoke in his eyes. I think this frame is one of the best from that day.

I like this photo of Vika and Anna better than the color version i posted a while ago.

Eyal enjOAAAying typo class

this one was taken by Reut






Liad with the strawberry!

toilet portraits are the best! Reut's on the left and myself

Friday, January 19, 2007

very nice art

These photos were taken with a disposable camera i got some time ago, it was distributed by Coca Cola back in 1996 during the Olymcic games. As you can see they have some very nice-artsy-photoshop-wash effect, straight from the camera! yey for film! Now that i know what this camera is capable of I'll dare to use her twin sister:)


yeah,fingers on the corner of the photo is the next big thing


too bad this one is not bw

"normal" photos will follow soon.