Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Class

Some portraits of my classmates I took during this semester on different occasions.

Yael was going over her photos while i was eating a hgue sandwich.

ha, i remember this one very well;) Maria was pissed off by the time i managed to focus correctly.

An "in between" shot on a little session i made with Hagai.The poor guy had to wear a clown hat and to hold a cigarette in the corner of his mouth for long minutes. It came to the point where he started crying because of the smoke in his eyes. I think this frame is one of the best from that day.

I like this photo of Vika and Anna better than the color version i posted a while ago.

Eyal enjOAAAying typo class

this one was taken by Reut






Liad with the strawberry!

toilet portraits are the best! Reut's on the left and myself


ליעדון said...

אחלה פוסט... ביחוד בגלל שלא רואים את הפרצוף המכוער שלי!!!!

המשיכי כך!

לו יהי לו יהי!!

Suzan said...

Really nice series/concept :)
I especially really really like the one of the smoke in the eye-guy. And of the girl sleeping; very lovely.
It's nice to have a peek in just a random day of yours like that.

Kira said...

haha, yeah poor Hagai, i forced him to smoke 2 cigs while taking photos. this actually was one of the best,and funny,coz it was the "in between" shot.Apparently they are sometimes the best.
We sleep everywhere like every other normal students;) Ma pleasure to have you peeking!

מור said...

אה קירה יא מוכשרת אחת!
מה אני לא מספיק טובה בשביל התמונות שלך? :)
ממש מד-אים ומא-גניב

Kira said...

מה התמונה משנה שעברה לא טובה לך,אה?
הממ..את צודקת,אני אשתדל יותר בסמסטר הבא!
ו...תדה רבה.