Friday, April 11, 2008

morning portraits series

something new I've been working on lately for my photography class this semester, somehow all my project turn to be personal and autobiographical in the end.

I've decided to take a photo of myself when i wake up.I thought about all those times we point the camera to our face,smile or make a serious emo-like expression, take many many pictures until we're satisfied and then upload them to the Facebook,MySpace and whatever accounts.
I've never had a MySpace account and i closed my Facebook account long time ago:) but that's not the point.

Trying to be sincere with myself was pretty damn hard.I'm not sure I've been sincere enough with myself in this series.But on the other hand, i can just keep shooting it until I'm sick of myself.Perhaps the interesting results will come then :) we'll see...

honest and hardcore critique is always welcome.

and some exceptions in color i shot at the beginning and decided not to use.

Guy,if you want a wallpaper of this one,just let me know:)))

Monday, April 07, 2008

i'm alive

Hey everyone!
I apologize for such a long absence.I've been busy,i've been lazy,i've been having lack of motivation but what the fuck ever,i am here now and that's what important :)
Since there are plenty of photos i'll post some today and some during this week.
These are back from February.

the beach during winter. cold and sunny.

though it was nice to put them together.the view to my left and to my right.

nicer in full view.

nothing you haven't seen before but still nice, i think.

i wonder what's the color of the driver :)

on my way to the train station spotted a local lady wearing some animal.HOT.

i'm always fascinated by those containers.they remind me of Lego bricks. i rarely take pictures of them since it's not that interesting,but the weather was so nice and the birds were passing by.hehe:)

college cafeteria.most depressing place on earth,especially when you're eating alone.

colors of my grandparents

קיוי עסיסי עם ויטמין סי
(sorry,it won't rhyme if translated.)

birthday portrait with ma mom:)

i am 24 and very serious.

From left to right: grandpa's sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt. 
gotta love the awwww expressions )

looks familiar? that's because i'm repeating myself all the time.


and this is me.

it's the beginning of a series i'm working on called "morning self portraits".
in the meanwhile i decided to shoot it black and white but though this one is a nice frame to share.
til next time! good night :)