Friday, April 11, 2008

morning portraits series

something new I've been working on lately for my photography class this semester, somehow all my project turn to be personal and autobiographical in the end.

I've decided to take a photo of myself when i wake up.I thought about all those times we point the camera to our face,smile or make a serious emo-like expression, take many many pictures until we're satisfied and then upload them to the Facebook,MySpace and whatever accounts.
I've never had a MySpace account and i closed my Facebook account long time ago:) but that's not the point.

Trying to be sincere with myself was pretty damn hard.I'm not sure I've been sincere enough with myself in this series.But on the other hand, i can just keep shooting it until I'm sick of myself.Perhaps the interesting results will come then :) we'll see...

honest and hardcore critique is always welcome.

and some exceptions in color i shot at the beginning and decided not to use.

Guy,if you want a wallpaper of this one,just let me know:)))


dJyoNat said...

wonderfull as usuall.
i think it's the sincerity in you that i love the most, and i think that when i look at your pictures, i honestly feel it.
what you wrote touched me in a way i haven't felt in a while.


the last picture is beautiful, although i preffer the bw ones better (especially the one i can see your ......)

just kidding. you know me.

Süper Eyali said...


OMG, where to begin? Very interesting project, your pictures are beautiful and (damn girl) SEXY! You are very versatile and intimate.

Keep it going - this is fascinating

Love love love,



chris weeks said...

i very much liked what you chose to photograph. almost like pieces of you.

very cool.

well done, love.

Zaulia said...


as I've already said - dushevnyje fotki, ochenj iskrinnyje. To face yourself honestly, not enough beautiful, not enough good... That's difficult.

Anonymous said...

bez komentariev :((


zach said...

as far as things i haven't seen before go, the final shot is a bit excellent; how is there a bloody void beneath you? very fine. cheers,

Mysterious-Spirit said...

I really like this series, the photos you took are so natural and genuine.
Best of luck with your photography class :)

Anonymous said...

I really like all of the photos here, special the ones in color!

(and what about sending me the goddam address for me to send you the prize??)

Robert_K said...

I'm not a morning person.

But I think I could become one, looking at you every morning.

Great stuff.

max sauter said...

very interesting. self portrait isone of my favourite picture style, and you are very good at it.

Ami Nevo said...


kapara alaich, i was a little emotional to see the pictures you made, personal, emotional, and alot more words that are use less in this case. rock on!

Suzan said...

Yep, the second one is still my fav! It's so sensual. I bet all the guys would like to wake up to you next there ;)

liadondon said...