Sunday, May 18, 2008

yet another photo set

The morning portraits series from the previous entry is pretty much done by now.
Got tired of myself a little so i'm taking a break,even though i think such subject can be
thoroughly explored on the long run.
This is a pretty random entry with photos from february (!) up until lately.

Zivit's birthday was in february, just 9 days after mine. She was harassed all day by gazillion of people wishing her happy birthday and interrupting with the party preparations:)

"Aww,thank you,thank you"
("another call?? i'm so tired!")

can't remember the name of this green stuff but ,boy,you eat that shit as fast as popcorn or any other junk.

and what was left of it:)

i barely shot the guests since it was too dark,but the food,heh,was always well lit:)

Amir and Ronen,smokers ans drinkers
probably my favourite frame.
Asaf just knows how to properly congratulate!:)
and of course some obligatory frames of my beloved familia

and napping.
business as usual.

as if grandpa knew that his sweater patterns would make a lovely bokeh

it's parsley,not weed,you smartasses;)

grandma and i have an unwritten agreement.
she creates these compositions and i record them on film.

some color extras.
hello grandma!

surprising, eh?:)
like a king on a throne!


for the first time in my life i haven't got a clue where i shot a frame

the previously mentioned pretty birthday girl:)

went to Eldad Rafaeli's exhibition about the American suburbs with our photography class.
i wasn't blown away by the show even though there were indeed some very fine frames,especially the one with the blond woman with the rifle (it's a flash based site so no direct links possible).

anyhow,that's no the issue.
there was another exhibition on the bottom floor which featured photographs made with cell phones,or to say exactly "Nokia N95,world's most advanced multimedia cellular phone".
made me puke in my mouth a little.

some photos were "hung" on these monitors.
and at some point one of them got stuck or something so the museum employee got some online consultation about how to fix the "photo"
and in case you were wondering how the tool of trade looked like,here you go:

and some photos of southern Tel Aviv and its inhabitants

until next time,
cheers from the warm little holly land!


Levee said...

I have to be honest. I love you like the feel of grass to my bare feet on the first day of spring...It's refreshing, comforting, and nostalgic, like seeing an old friend.You don't have to be doing anything, but basking in its magnificence...

Haha, sorry for the random entry. I'm not a creep I promise. I just mean to say, you're work puts me at ease, and feels more like home, than I've ever been to.

Keep it up :)

christian said...

that was a nice mix of photos. just the perfect amount of friends/family, street and random stuff :)

Suzan said...

That was indeed a very nice and diverse entry! Seems like you're doing well :)
These are my absolute favs from the entry:
Almost like they're posing avantgardistically, haha.
The light and the colours... what can I say?
Badass guys :D

Ami Nevo said...

קירה, יש כאן איזה טעות לא רשמת באיזה גודל ההדפסים שאת עושה לי מהתמונות...
ממש ממש ממש מרגש, המצלמה הזאת שלך היא סוג של מפתח מאסטר להרבה לבבות, יאללה תפרסמי איזה ספר אומן...
אהבתי במיוחד את התמונה השלישית מהרכבת, האיש על הספסל בפארק עם האור הממש ממש מרגש , האים והכלב מהחלון, הרגלים עם דליפת האור, עם ישראל חי, ויפה יפה יפה ומרגש ואחרון חביב היא הידים עם השקית ממש יו כתבתי המון...

Matt Austin said...

Beautiful portrait here: !

And the self portrait before it is very nice also. Keep up the good work, what other things have you been up to lately? Any new photo interests in the mix? Take care.


thechrisproject said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us. I could write about all of them, but I'll just leave it at this: great work.

Ronny said...

אני אומר שה ליווי הזה....מסוכן, היתי ניזהר ובטח לא נושעת ליפגוש אותו בדירה שלו בדרום מישיגאן.....למרות המחמאות.....צריך לפחד מאנשים שמצלמים רק גברים עם שפמים.....חוצמיזה......כרגיל 10, במיוחד הפורד הוורודה. מוזר זה פורד וורוגה. בטח התערבות שלא ניגמרה טוב

Kira said...

i have to be honest.i don't know what to say..

glad you enjoyed it!

about those badass guys,it's just so damn nice when people have positive reaction to a camera.i just passed near them with the cam in my hand,somehow smiling and then just asked if i could take a picture and they agreed:) heh

you know already!:)

i don't really have a solid project in my mind at the moment but i thought about shooting men.ha!;)

wow,so nice to hear THAT,mostly because i have a hard time to use words for such things.i wouldn't mind if you broadly told me what you think,even via e.mail or msn:)

נו אתה יודע)