Saturday, May 24, 2008

those that slipped away

I'm so lousy with titles.oh well.

I was going through my files and found these photos that somehow forgotten.

But first, I want to thank all my devoted watchers and followers for all the lovely and supporting comments you're writing. When it comes to replying your comments, I realize that Blogger doesn't have the nested comments option neither I'm aware whether you tick the "Email follow-up comments" option or not. I'll do my best to reply anyway and hope that some of you drop by again in order to read it.

If you have some critique regarding my photos please
don't hesitate to speak up mind. How else will i learn?

Not too many photos this time.

my beloved grandma, who has recently developed this distant stare.
a childish stare, in a way.
you're just looking at her and trying to figure what's going on in her head.
i hope she never forgets who i am.

posted this one on DA already in the past.
cropped this one since the left part is completely burned.
grandma shaving grandpa's neck

an entry without bed sheets? yeah right:)
this is a result of complete boredom.
ever tried making a self portrait by holding your camera with your feet?
i have!:)
even guessed the focus correctly:)
i like the graphics here

lunch at my aunts'

some more food,of students.

this could easily be an artsy fartsy installation in a fancy shmancy gallery.
from aprox. the 20th floor at a friend's work.
old buses.

hated this part while being a soldier. carrying those huge bags around.ahhhr
hello there!

posted a similar frame in color few entries ago

old lady,old coffee shop

love finding random object on the street.
i always wonder about the circumstances of their abandonment.
Tussosedan anyone?
(if i'm not mistaken it's the Israeli version to Morphine)

how surprising, a self portrait in the toilet.
until next time!
ta ta


maya said...

אני כל כך אוהבת את הרגעים שאת תופסת
ואיך שאת מצליחה לקחת את הדברים הכי פשוטים ולהוציא מהם כזה יופי ורכות

אני אוהבת מאוד :)

Ronny said...

אני ראשון?.....כנסו כנסו

Suzan said...

Hahaha, shooting with your feet? Now that is something new, hahaha!
I really dig this frame:
The colours in the first are lovely. Hope your grandma is doing well... those were quite some alarming words about her stare.

chris weeks said...

i still think it's a trip that you were a soldier.

love this work!

and .. that parting shot at the end of you ... bellissima!

ozgur aydogdu said...

shaving photos are great!and some nice stools i see there :)

Wid said...

Love the photo of the buses!

Pete said...

Love this one.

Pete said...

Love this one -

chris weeks said...

i, too, wonder about the random objects on the street.

nice post, love.

Sebastian said...

really nice pictures. you have a good eye for special views... said...


guy talking on the phone with mum while typing said...

can u plz erase my lovely comment mistakenly signed with a url? ^_^