Wednesday, June 18, 2008

color and stuff

The sun is shining,the pigeons are shitting and i'm taking color photos,woohoo.

So here are some frames from a roll of ektachrome 100E and superia 200 i've shot lately.

This is Alex,my dearest roommate

the focus here is on the beard because i'm so talented and because obviously the eyes are not important enough.hip hip horay.

Zivit was walking the dog and showing me the shitting dog pose

i was hanging in Tel Aviv about two weeks ago, walking around taking pictures.forgot to put sun screen and burned my nose.was looking like santa's drunk assistant.important least now you know about the risk i take when taking pictures.phew.

the store's name is "Poko Loko Tupak"

(that's tupak in the car btw)

one day i'll make an exhibition about abandoned food i find on the streets.

"I (feminine) study Russian"'d have to be local in order to get this:)

how very brave of her to leave the house wearing a long t-shirt

met Bally and Yitzhak

frozen yogurt make people happy:)


Visited Haifa last week.

she'd probably won't be fond of the idea me posting this frame on the web:)

and of course Hadera down town

"don't bullshit me,i saw this bag first!"

i have a gazillion frames of these lego bricks already:)

the cat is also looking with horror at the "design" of the new market

damn,i've been traveling quite a lot lately,heh?

Mahane Yehuda market,where i shot quite boring frames



Anonymous said...

Give me ONE good reason for not making this one a little bit closer in order for me to confirm if her ass is really good or just good... tsss tsss... you still have a lot to learn dear Kira!

Dan Gogh said...

תמונות מעולות במיוחד הפעם..

כל הכבוד

מתי עברת דירה..??

Dan Gogh said...

אה ואם את רוצה לענות לי
אל תעני לי רק כאן, כי אני לא קורא תגובות שרשרת אני בטח אפספס את זה

תגיבי לי בבלוג שלי

thechrisproject said...

As always, amazing stuff. Thank you.

xupacabras said...

the red "t-shirt"/red lights frame is grrrrr8 as it is. i like it distant and random just like that, and the whole scenario looks so improbable.

aschi said...

i like that kind of photos.

very nice colors in general!

David said...

you got me so hypnotized...


chris said...

why don't you get off of your lazy ass and do more of these, love?


Suzan said...

I like, I like - a good mix between lovely spontaneous portraits and some cool slightly abstract street stuff!

Michael Ivnitsky said...

Thanks for the comment.
You are pretty good with color,(I suck at color - I am more of a BW guy).
don't you have a LJ?I think I've seen it on someone's friendlist

glad to meet you.

Michael Ivnitsky said...

I read some back posts,and understand you go to Shenkar.
My gf graduated (textile)a year ago
maybe you know her Lena?