Monday, June 23, 2008

The bottom line

(the title is a Depeche Mode song selected randomly from the playlist,since my talent for blog titles is too mediocre)

About two months ago i posted some frames from the morning self portraits series.
There were not too many new photos at the "end" of it, but since the semester is over i had to present those that i managed to shoot in the given time.I thought i'd show you the ones i selected for the presentation in class.

this one i didn't hang actually,it just didn't fit on the wall among the others.
but i think it fits here.

few frames from our Independence Day celebrations

he had certainly found a good place to shoot from with his little digi.
a moment later later he turned around and took a pic of me,but i probably won't even see it.

Bally,Nivi and Anna.
kinda fits the mood,i think.

and some frames from new year's eve which i forgot to post (!)

serious business #1

serious business #2

my favourite frame:)

and some absolutely random frames

end of semester in the fashion department:)

my grandparent's room

hi,i'm kira and i overexpose photos on a daily basis.

stupid flying rats shit on my so called balcony.

this artistic view is from inside the car at a car wash.weeee:)
highly recommended!
should shoot this on color next time.

and some mediocre tourist frames from Jerusalem,the old city.

grandparents were on their way to a vacation in the Dead Sea.

i'm boring myself.
5 rolls of film with so little really good frames..
oh well.

until next time people!



Zaulia said...

Well, Kira... nice pictures, as always. I wouldnt' be so dissapointed - 5 rolls and you DO have some good frames;) everything is quiet reliative, as one old jewish guy from Wienna said ;)

Zaulia said...
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Zaulia said...

Don't get fussed - I accidentaly posted two absolutely the same comments so I deleted one;)

chris weeks said...

two posts in like no time??? damn.

ya' know what ... i think you should make photographs of what is typically israel .. ya' know ... the stuff tourists see.

would love to see your take on it. ya' know .. wailing wall ... all that stuff. :)

was shocked to see another post! :)

Anonymous said...

whyyyy??? why didnt you told me about this before??????? First this and now this video??? I start to think that i didnt choose the right country to live.... :P

רעות said...

קירה את צלמת מופלאה...
פורטרט עצמי שלך מעולה..
אולי תצלמי אותי גם?

Michael Ivnitsky said...

The first one I like most of all

Shani said...

i love love love your photography, especially the morning portraits.


Suzan said...

Ha, those carwashframes look really cool and surreal :)

Nimrod Gavish said...

I really like your stuff kira.