Tuesday, April 17, 2007

An everlasting vecation

The first part of the blog entry is sponored by Goldstar Beer,
the official sponsor of Uri's birthday party and Nikon EM with Fuji Superia 200 (valid for the rest of the post as well).

Bally and some serious men,heh

how convenient!

too dark:/

i like shooting such scenes.

טל,יא חצופה,אצל באלי את מצטלמת וממני מסתתרת,אה?
אני אראה לך מה זה:)

birthday boy!

cakes and chain massages,essential for every good party.

The 3 of us have an opportunity to see each other only once in a while so i was grateful for the passover holidays as a chance to meet those lovely ladies,Lilya and Nastya.
We were serving in the army
together,sharing the same room for about a year with another friend.
I just can't describe how damn awesome it was:)

i like the reflection

met my beloved classmates as well

very typical gesture of Tomer

and even more typical pose of me.

(Suzan,i just have to stick food in every post,do i?:)

Went to Tel Aviv with Zivit
Didn't want to rely on the light in the train so much,but took this shot anyway.damn happy i did.

On our way we saw this yard.She has decided she wanted to live there so i had to document her future home.I'm such a geek.

Wanted to take this shot a long time ago.
The building behind the homeless man belongs to a social insuranse company.
Know hope,right?

waiting for the hummus with the mushrooms

which was fucking fantastic (while the photo doesn't do any justice to it).

בטח רובכם יודעים את זה מזמן,אבל החומוס של "כפול" בנחלת בנימין פשוט מעולה.
לאוהבי החומוס פטריות ,הפטריות שם חלומיות.

some lovely balconies

hundreds of cameras

some very serious cats

a man pouring some unidentified mixture for the pigeons and a very professional double exposure on the right

those shades made me very cheerful once i put them on.
even though they were very cheap i knew i wouldn't wear them.

my favourite frame in a while.
for some reason i was so eager to capture this moment
that i didn't bother to focus at all ,just love the result.

בובה,את יפיפיה!


Anonymous said...

מתוקה שלי,
כרגיל, אין מילים! פשוט תמונות מדהימות!
התמונות ל זיוית יפות כמו שתיארת,פשוט מרגיעות!
הלוואי וגם לי הייתה יכולת כזו להעביר את העולם ככה דרך העיניים שלי.
אוהבת מלא.

Sebastian said...

Very attratice food shot :p. Would have seen that there's a beggar in front of the building without you telling, find the guys in the foreground bit distracting, why not get closer?

Anonymous said...

очень классные живые фотографии. можно даже комиксы из серии фоток сделать )просто много движения, а это сложно передать..молодец,сестричка;)

Suzan said...

Ha, you like it to peek into my life? I like it to peek into yours! Haha. Lovelt portraits in this.
These must be my favs!
And btw... you were in the army? :O

recycled android said...

LOVE the shot of you and the glasses it makes me smile...