Friday, August 25, 2006


edit:I forgot one photo I was planning
to put together with these,so
I'm adding it now, it's number 4.

These photos were taken during this year,
some of them can be found on my DA page.
I cherish them because to me these are priceless moments
that I've been managing to capture in my grandparents' life.
I'm aware that they're not the best of quality,
but I don't feel it's extremely essential in this case.
They were taken with Yashica and Zenit cameras.
Hopefully I will be able to take a lot more photos during
this time soon using BW films as well.
(excuse my poor english)


Thorsten said...

Those shots are great. They have a film look to them and you can feel the mood in them. You work with the light.

So don't excuse for the quality or your english! It's great work.

chris Weeks said...

love these photos ... felt like i was there!

by the way ... i gave you a shout out on my blog, love.

keep up the GREAT work ...

and ... NEVER worry about your english ... you should hear my Hebrew! ;)

clayton said...

very beautiful indeed!!

Laith said...

i like the last two photos, the light in them is very special. Keep it up.

Banxter said...

very cool photos ... i really love how loaded they are with mood and atmosphere ... totally adds to the emotion that you're trying to put accross!

very, very nice.

ronny said...

this serie is awsome...........very soft...meragesh.....ish li dmaot ba enaym

Kevin said...

Thanks Kira. I did visit your blog but didn't know which post specifically it was. I just thought I'd missed something else.

Thanks for the clarification, and I do find the atmosphere in these shots divine.