Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's interesting to take a look back at some really old photos.
Some of them I find beautiful while looking at others and thinking what a crap.
Were all taken in the past 4 years during different seasnos.
They have nothing in common except from being taken in the same city.
Actually the top three are from the same place. whatever.
Why am posting them? Because I'm bored while wating for a few rolls to get back from the lab.Some ilford and tmax. Perhaps some hipshots or portraits of grandpa taking a nap,again.

Today my friend Zivit and myself were going to have some coffee when suddenly, in the middle of the sreet, we're seing this little girl taking a shit.
What a lovely scene!
I wonder where was her caring mommy hanging at that time.Damn.

Also bought a disposable camera for 15 shekels (which is about 3.50usd). Such a hilarious device,it has photos of Jerusalem and some mosaics on the front, and a photo of the
on the back. The little thing has a title: "35mm One Time Use Camera with Flash".
One time use camera! yeah baby!
When my Mom saw it she said I was crazy and wasting money.
But what is 15 shekels for self entertainment ?!
Can't wait to make some one time photos!

O.k I'll just shut up now.


Vincent Dan Gogh said...

הכי אין לי זין לקרוא את הטקסט בפונט הפצפון הזה
אבל התמונות שחור לבן חזקות, במיוחד הראשונה, וואו

maya said...

i really really love the top three in this bunch. and just wanted to share with you that i found out today that for some odd reason they moved me from B1 TO B2 !!!
so i guess we're going to be in the same class.
looking forward :)
( i'm still in shock from this move though... go figure...)