Wednesday, October 04, 2006

shit happens

Finally got the latest 2 rolls developed. It took a damn week. There are no normal labs in the hole where I live. BW films are sent to Tel Aviv to get the process . and it costs alot!
I'm seriously considering to buy the chemicals and start doing it by myself.
*yeah right, who am i kidding*
I shot an expired roll of Ilford xp2 super 400 and an Ilford panf plus 50. Got the panf 50 as a gift, 5 rolls actually, but i'm not going to use it anytime soon.
There's almost no decent shots to post. They're all too dark and I'm a little disappointed, but hey, if you never screwed up anyhthing, you haven't really done much.

So i learned the difference is between f5.6 @ 1/500

and f5.6 @ 1/125

these are from another roll where i realized the difference between f2 @ 1/30 (which is also out of focus *cough cough* )

and f2.8 @ 1/30

On some other notice, found this web magazine. Lovely mix of medias which are easily viewed by just clicking back and forth for lazy people as myself.

ta ta.


Vincent Dan Gogh said...

קירה אחלה תמונות
גם זו משטמפפר, פשוט הייתי עסוק בלריב עם גיא כפרה עליו

כפרה על שניכם

בכבוד רב,
דן אלון, רב סטלן,
נשיא הרפובליקה הסטלנית של טג'יקיסדן
לשעבר סטלה לנד

Darin said...

getting the chems to do it yourself isn't that hard. Lately I've been using diafine a lot which is nice and easy to use. 3 minutes in the first bath, 3 minutes in the 2nd, rinse and fix. and diafine lasts a long time.

And thanks for the comment.

Kira said...

what is diafine exactly?'re welcome;)