Sunday, October 12, 2008

October post

After almost 4 months of absence i should stop opening my posts with "oh i'm so lazy" and yada yada.

just enjoy:)

Amir's b-day party

girls-only party at the same day.i'm such a party animal.NOT.

the annual comics festival.Dan and Matan are resting between the grand sales:)

some random photos from Tel Aviv

pasta mia...rrrrr

the streets of Neve Tzedek. I'd kill to live there.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station area.a place where i could've got killed if i had lived there.

Ze beach!

some lovely Swedish (or perhaps Danish) tourists.

being a lifeguard is a hard work.

and the obvious self and family portraits:)

Mom and Volodya

til next time!


Dan Gogh said...

קירה זה מעולה

Anonymous said...

oh kira
it's so great!
(i'm looking nice... right?)

Ami Nevo said...

קירה'לה שתהיי בריאה, מתי יוצא הספר?

dJyoNat said...


i can't think of a better way to end up a day in rome, other than looking at your posts.




rome wasn't built in a day and is amazing...

Sebastian said...

Luvely .. I'll get back to this when I'm sober. But liked it and there's a notable coherence of the photographs and also a felt focus on a certain style. I'll go in depth some other time. And don't worry bout that bus station, just imagine you would have lived in Berlin 70 years ago ^^; Good to have you back!

Wid said...

The balloons photo is terrific, there's this strange desolated feel despite it being in a (supposedly) cheerful birthday party.

Glad to see you post again :)

zehavit said...

היי קירה,
לא מכירה אותך אישית אבל עברתי על פוסטים שלך ומאוד שמחתי להכיר.
את צלמת מדהימה


Ronny said...

mini conferences from dalaedim to alefim....need u to tag in. if u got the time of course
see u

explanations and dates >

ps: still no picturees of me. after all those years

zschwartz said...

27-9-08_05/3, super. sehr gut.

making the abstract humane is good and great but get some more courage and stop shooting those street folk in the back, mr. robert ford.

Anonymous said...

kirka, prosto prelest' no pomoemu za 4 mesyaza mojno bilo vilojit bolshe fotok ne tak li??

sakalov :))
oi net za bil Roma

TW said...


The first photo is quite beautiful.