Friday, June 26, 2009

Pride Parade in Tel Aviv 2009

Shit happens when you let it happen.that's how i shot the same roll twice.
On the other hand,pride parade and the Old city of Jerusalem wouldn't have met otherwise :)


and the traditional photo at the end of you hostess the entry (surprise! it's not a self portrait in the mirror AGAIN)
by the super nice and talanted Denis Kopylenko


truestjedi said...

4th - Great context and capture. Brilliant timing!
7th - Dito.
12 - HAHA :)
15 - Hopefull and inspiring.

fokus said...

great street scene!!

Denis said...

hi, Kira:) I think never saw most of these. Don't know how this happened. May be I just forgot... They are really good!

Anonymous said...

Those are happy accidents
I kind of like them