Thursday, September 14, 2006

randomly picked

I guess cleaning up my room once in a while might bring some surprising results aside from a huge bag of trash. Found these old negatives and realized that this is the first bw roll I've ever shot, developed and printed by myself.Damn,highschool was so long ago.Nowdays I regret for not staying in touch with certain teachers, could really use the darkroom.

These two were taken at the train station on my way to college, what I like so much about them is the vibrant colors and the graphic characteristics of the shapes. It's the kodak profoto with zero photoshop, just don't like messing with it when it's not truly necessary.

and this was on the way back, not on the same day though. Sadly the photo doesn't emphasize how big is his belly and how small is that window.

Grandpa is just a wonderful model, he just seems to be in the right place at the right light.
Yet the other day when I was taking photos of him and grandma he was ranting that I was wasting film:)

and that's his little farm...kidding.

kinda tired.had a fun evening with my friends today, hope the film won't get screwed up this time.

נישנושים, כירבולים ומין. בעיקר מין.



PaulW said...

i really like the top 3 photos,
particularly the first and third one,

they look so old and grainy

lovely stiff

Matt said...

Wow, I love the black and whites from the old roll you found! They're very filmic, I can totally picture them as a scene from an indie movie with a grainy, grungy feel.

Keep it coming girl!


p.s. thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm always shooting so there will be plenty more updates to come!