Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Straight from the hip

So after reading Chris' street photography article I ran out to attack the people on the streets.
These are my first attemps in shooting from the hip.
I didn't upload the ones that I screwed up. Because they're way too screwed up.
There's one with my finger in the center of the frame. Don't ask.
It's so much fun being a spy,but it's also hard sometimes avoiding people noticing me.
The people in my town seem to be always alertive. They look at me at the wrong moments.
Damn. Well,it's all about practicing I guess.

I think he noticed me,but hey,I walk pretty fast.

that's my favourite

I was passing by this lady 4 times that day.This is the first try.

that's the second.

random self portrait with my new short hair.yeah baby.

?יאללה מה נבהלתם, אז היה לי חם, מה קרה


Jay Gannon said...

Oh I like!

Are those digital or film :)

Isnt it so much fun to go out spying for a few hours!!

And hey dont care call your work crap girl!!
Helluva lot better than mine!!
Hell Chris even featured you :P


Kira said...

Oh,now you're really insulting me dude!

Digital?! C'mon!
That's FILM baby;)

Don't think Chris would have featured me if that was digital;)

Spying is awesome,feeling the andrenaline bubbling in the veins thinkig "he notices me or not...PHEW...he didn't!"

Ha ha!

Shalom shalom!

radiohat said...

oh yeah, i very much enjoyed your "first steps" after reading his article.

and by the way, my name is markus osanger :)

thanks for linking.

Vincent Dan Gogh said...

קירה נהית פה סחבקית של כל העולם הא?
אל תשכחי אותי שיזמינו אותך לעבודות באירופה ואמריקה
אני אבוא לאייר לך את הטיול

תמונות מעולות
שאלי את רומה אם הוא מסכים לשלישיה

maya said...

super cool haircut and super cool pictures

Pat! said...

you gonna post some of those on your DA account?

Kira said...

don't know yet...I might post one or two.

ronny said...

like the haircut. no problem for the pink link. the other blog is just a beta, where i can make some experiences with the code.......

Jay Gannon said...

Dam straight girl.
Was jujst making sure!!

Eugh I have 10rolls of APX to develop,
But so lazy.
Ill do it next week :)

Yeah nothing better than deciding to take that risky shot,
Nailing it and running off laughting to yourself!!
No high can get ya that rush :0

Keep up the work!
Now if I wasnt so lazy Id post film shots :(
Dam lazyness!!

Peace out!

ronny said...

is it me or, u have an electrical device plugged into u r bathroom in the bathtub area....be very carfull with that.....remember claude francois


Kira said...

yes,it's the "tanur himum" and don't u worry,it's hung high enough and I don't usually try to fix it while standing in the shower...
it's good idea though,bringing peoples' sympathy in such a strange way...very original of him!

Kira said...

10 rolls are waiting a week to get developed,are u kidding dude!?

run,run fast to the lab you lazy ass:)

And your brand new Zorki looks nice! Can't wait to see some mew stuff!

mhartel said...

pretty fucking good for a first attempt!!