Thursday, October 26, 2006

Going back to college...

after a long vacation was quite fun, I am now a second year graphic design student. 7 of my old classmates are in my new class, and the other guys are nice as well. Most of the teachers are pretty cool. I had a little disappointment on the first photography lesson when our teacher's first question was whether we're familiar with Photoshop. Well, what can I say, it's a digital photography class, so i should have been expecting that. But he said he didn't mind if we shot analogue. Nice. On my way to school in the morning I entered this shop which, in a weirdest way, was selling photo products, stationery and provides laundry services. I entered the shop out of curiosity, and it paid off, I bought the last 5 rolls of apx 400 for ~25$ :)
I'm having this stupid flue, that's why i'm staying home today.My nose is dripping badly and i'm going crazy because of that. I'm spending a roll of tp per day on my nose! Aaaaaaah!

These hip shots were taken with a disposable camera. the quality sucks but I still like them.

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mavrizula =)

I like the one with the girl's shadow.