Monday, October 16, 2006

Seasonal depressions

So the winter has arrived without any warnings. It has been raining since yesterday.
Althought I tried to resist it and went out wearing flip flops it didn't really make the winter disappear but made me navigating between the puddles.
Winter sucks. Such a depressing season. No decent light.
I'm already depressed. Looking out of the window and seeing the wet street.

The only thing that cheers me up at the moment is that school starts on the 22nd. I can't wait to see everyone again. It also means daily rides on the train which means-photo material! :)

I've also received another 2 disposable cameras, and the funny thing is that these 2 are 10 years old, they were distributed by Coca Cola during the Atlanta Olymic Games. Ha!
I'm expecting crazy colors in those photos if there will be any.

In addition I found
this. Kudos to that campaign!

ta ta.


Darin said...

I also saw that video. HP is now adding a 'slimming feature' to their photo software though.

The huge paper for the study is good reading though

Kira said...

a "slimming feature"!? damn.
it's just sad.

Skepp said...