Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's been 3 weeks since school year started.I'm still not really focused on graphic design.
My mind is somewhere on the street.

These are Ilford pan 400
Agfapan 100
and 1 frame of Ilford panf 50 pushed 1 stop.


i'm really glad i got that close to them.
lucky hip shot.

my first inside train shot!
It was early morning and this girl was eating a fat free yogurt, which she was hardly enjoying
I'd say.
I was staring at her for a long time waiting for the moment she looked really disgusted.

A few moments after I snapped this man I took out my other camera.
A train security guard who was passing near by
asked me kindly not to take photos on the train.
To my question whether there was a logical explanation for his request, he answered:
"Yes there is, but unfortunately I can't tell you".
I was extremely curious about their secret policy so I sent an e.mail to the railway costumer service asking the same question,which was elegantly ignored.

shooting from the hip/shoulder/knee/whatever.

i have to get closer,damn it.

I'm still trying to figure out if that thing on the left is my finger or some other part of my body.

he saw the camera and said :"I'm already smiling, what are you waiting for?".

This is Yitzik's place,near my college.We eat our
schnitzels there.
I gotta take photos of him one day,he's hella funny man and such a nice person.
The guy on the back was extremely enjoying his schnitzel, unlike the yogurt girl.
I've never seen anyone taking such enormous bites.The content of his pita was constantly falling out and decorating the table, but he didn't mind.

I got a new toy to play with, a Nikon EM with Nikon 50mm E series lens.
what do you think about it?
I'll try it for a while and see if i wanna buy it.

superia 200

the trash can belongs to a store located near by named "the meat boutique".

ta ta.


Masha K said...

HA!Eda, ulitca, poezd!!! Vot ona realnost'..a ne kakaya-nibud' u4eba! Tak derjat'! pravda narushat' zakon toje ne o4en' xorosho;) Ya pro poezd..a ti pro 4to podumala?

zivit said...

girl you are all that. I realy loved the first one and the studential ones that I can now identify with:)

maya said...

i really love the black and white ones. has one of them been taking in cafe nohach in tel aviv by any chance ?
i envy your experimenting with different cameras.
i urge you to join the Flickr site ( if you have tell)
i'm seeing so much great work there and i have this friend who is a genius. you must check her work

Kira said...

first of all thank you very much for your comments,i really appreciate the one's who spend a few moments from their time to drop a line!

by the cafe photo you probably mean the one with the bench,if so,it was taken in tel aviv,but i didn't notice the name of the cafe,i just took a quick shot and continued walking with my class mates.I only know it's somewhere between Rotshield and Yehuda Ha'Levi:)

don't envy,borrow cameras from your friends,i bet some of them have good cameras.If you want to shoot film you can buy a quite cheap camera in one of those shops on Alenbi,such as Jugend or PhotoFilm.You just have to look.They shouldn't cost more than 300sh.

Sorry to dissapoint you but I'm not going to join Flickr.This blog fits my neeeds very well.I also have the Deviant Art gallery so it's more then enough for me.לדתעתי פליקר מתאים לאלה שמעלים תמונות בכמויות יותר רציניות משלי,זה דבר אחד.
דבר שני,אני פשוט לא אוהבת אותו:)

your friend's work is very interesting and quite intruiging.
does she also have a gallery on DA? her avatar looks familiar.