Saturday, December 02, 2006

Max's birthday

Nothing special, just a few frames i liked.

Neopan 1600

I'm kinda exhausted.
Don't feel like writing at all.
Good night.


Masha K said...

I adore your black-and-white pictures and well:)

Masha K said...

Vse zabivau skazat'< chto tvoi fotki, kak budto vozvraschaut v sovetskie vremena, to4nee v proshloe...60-e godi tolko potomu 4to oni 4erno-belie...prosto stil' takoi, po4erk, esli xochesh'...bezumno priyatno na eto smotret', glaz raduet

Suzan said...

Really like the first shot! And the second last :)
A bit dull on the contrast, but alas they're just negscans (at least, that's what I assume). Printprintprint! ;)

ronny said...

vodka coca cola
vodka orange
vodka red bull
vodka vodka
try some gin or maybe some rhum, a wiskey perhaps, a nice coktail, a bite of southern crownford.....rr

Kira said...

you're right those are just neg scans,there are no prints because of technical reasons:(
The thing with the contrast is such a problem:my monitor kinda sucks,that's why i basicaly see different tones on different computers,so i don't actually know what's going on with my photo!

All the stuff you mentioned is off the budget...KIDDING!
We actually do consume other things such beer,coctails,whiskey and wine,last week there was a Jagermeister.
But hey,Russians remain Russians,right this moment I'm having a cup of 500ml tea:)

דרך אגב,מתי אני אמורה להעביר את גביע הכפית הקדוש לדור ההמשך?

ronny said...

wow, u just remind me, i need the "gavia" on yom rishon,THIS YOM RISHON, can u also pppppppppplease ask for the other class to bring the other gavia..........pleaseplease please
it must be someone from the alef-1 from last year. ask ronny eilat, she must know.......give me a call if u can t do it