Sunday, December 17, 2006

Red Eyes

I've been a bad blogger:no words nor photos.But it doesn't mean I don't do's just I don't have the time or will to post.The camera/s is always with me.They kinda give me backaches,but hell,i prefer that than missing a moment.

My homework require much time and energy,so after spending hours in front of the monitor the last thing i wanna do is to write a blog entry, I'd prefer to throw the comp out of the window.
Sometimes the computer makes me feel miserable.Sitting in front of it until 5am or not going to sleep at all is making me ill.
It may sound as an exaggeration but i know some of you can relate to the feeling.

These frames are from a roll of Kodak Ultra 400 I shot recently.
Never shot it before and not quite satisfied with the colors.
Don't know, mabe I'm used to fuji superia.

These are for the meanwhile.3 bw rolls are still to come,hopefully this week.

Happy Hanukah everyone:)
(I only ate 1

the local market at night

monsieur Ronny Edri

a memmorial service for our departed soldiers

Dan is verifying once again that "The Israeli" is a shitty newspaper

This once was taken by Dan,who was disppointed when he realized his focusing skills sucked.
I promised him he'll be better next time.
My ear on the left is really sharp though:)

Guy's having the usual salad and shakshuka at Ana's

G'dnight all!


Vincent Dan Gogh said...

you are good
i envy you

Suzan said...

Yeah, I can relate. To the backpains _and_ the pc illness thing. (I should get sleep now...)
Totally dig the first shot, really love how those red lights rendered. Last shot is just great too.

Masha K said...

the main thing is you've still liked making pictures and found time for it! You can relax! just do it))