Friday, December 22, 2006

New oldies

Hip hip horay (i can't believe i just wrote that...) I finally have a new comp and monitor so I can see that some of my photos are not so damn dark as I used to think!
I went through older negatives and found some forgotten frames.

When i was passing near this
welder guy he was working without a protection mask (under the burning sun), which is quite dangerous as far as i know.He noticed me, stopped his worked and said that it wasn't healthy for me to stare at the fire like that."And what about you?" I asked "I've been doing this for 20 years" he evoked. Good for him I don't use a flash.

this one was actually taken by mistake,but i like how it came out. Some kind of graphic abstraction with the Azrieli Towers on the background looking as they were stitched in the sky.

"stop and take a ticket"


i have some color stuff as well,will probably post it tonight or tomorrow.

С наступающим Новым годом!
Merry Christams people!

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