Saturday, May 19, 2007

without you i'm nothing

apx 100


neopan 1600


Suzan said...

Those are some lovely tones and moments Kira! This is a great entry!
I especially love these shots:
(It just oozes concentration)
(Such atmosphere because of the light and silhouettes!)
(I like his expression :))
(And hers too! That laugh is contageous!)

Good stuff, babe!

simonbw said...

really great tones here! especially the flower one :D

really like this one, it's kinda cool:

really cool here:

:) simon

Sebastian said...

like the "details", even more - is a nice one too. just feels a bit funny to see almost 4 identical photos (sittin on the couch).

Kira said...

thank you once again hun,your words always make me smile.i'm glad you like my stuff:)

and you're right,her laugh is contageous and i'm glad i finally cought that on film.

hey you're new here,that's nice to know:)
heh,the flowers are my grandma's little garden!

the 4 photos are similar but i put them all together because i was interested in the different expressions cought in the "posed" frames as well as those between frames.
dunno,perhaps they're just a family album photos but as you probably noticed i kinda dig in this family portrature thingie..

annakryzinski said...

lovely, i especially like the double portraits on the bench and the last, smiling portrait of the lady. very nice, i really enjoyed this, the fact that they are youre family (right?) makes it even more special.

Ronny said...

u mean ..without me