Thursday, May 24, 2007

yada yada yada

I somehow got disappointed with this roll of superia 1600 i shot.maybe because my previous and only experience with it was freaking nice so i was expecting something quite different than this grainy sots:( oh well.
It was an overcast day and we were in the local forest preparing a surprise party for Tal.
I should come back there when the weather is nicer,i like shooting forest.

some very nice Georgean wine on the menue (and a bottle of vodka hiding there as well).
It's a really sweet wine and you kinda drink it like water.weeee

in procces of the preparation we were collecting some flagstones we found nearby (we thought someone was barried underneath them,as they pile was in a shape of a grave) and were pooting them in small bags so the candles won't die on us.luckily there was no wind.
Here Bally is using some heavy tools to break the shitty things and getting injured several times.
(what a great explenation! time,in hebrew)

eventually it looked like this

from the inside

self portraits were must to do in case we'd get murdered us in the forest where we were alone!

the murder didn't happen coz the brave Shiko has arrived and hugged the tree

Anna got seated on the car

lights hanging action

(insert Tarzan's shout here)

hard workers deserve their beer.
the very serious Niko.


my floating candles.awww

Went to see Rockfour's concert.It was pretty damn awesome!
first time that i shoot at concert.the frames are o.k for first time i guess..

some other drinking event

after drinking event facial expressions

waiting for the bourekas

some very random stuff.
it says "trash"

Tel Aviv

an old local man

(dedicated to Bernhard)

Roma at one of our many russian parties

Roma on neopan 1600 at harsh israeli sun,nice!

Zivachka and coffee


one of the little foods i can make.
truffles or more likely "chocolate balls".(yummy)
this is dedicated to Maya who's blog making me drool.

ta ta


maya said...

i loove your pix :)

Sebastian said...

those two shots of alex are cool .. his head and then the guitar. look as if they were one photo but just cut apart.

i would have expected superia 1600 to bit more .. uhm .. outstanding too. just used it once, maybe it does that to all first-timers.

Vincent Dan Gogh said...

את גאון. נקודה.

zivit said...

Now Kira, when you load that
many pictures at once, how do you expect my heart to take it? it's getting hard listing my favorites to you..

Georgian wine rules

Anonymous said...

כרגיל יפה שלי התמונות מדהימות!
אני מבטיחה בפעם הבאה לא להוריד לך מפתח שוודי על הראש כדי שתמשיכי להוציא לי תמונות פוטוגניות עד כמה שאפשר...
לכי תדעי, אולי בסוף אני אתרגל לנוכחות הבלתי פוסקת של המצלמה שלך מול הפרצוף שלי :)

Suzan said...

Such an enjoyable entry! And Superia1600... it's weird. I had some nice results with it and some not so nice results...
I love this shot:
And the two shots of Alex playing the guitar!
Hope you're doing fine, love!
Hugs from the Netherlands.

Guy said...

Grrrreat photos kira!

gotta love those cute-grayscale-people-drinking-coffee photos.

Anonymous said...

У тебя тут на разных я зыках все пишут,думаю, что интернационализм только колоритности твоему дневнику придаст(надеюсь,понимаешь о чем я)))). буду писать по-русски!! столько фотографий сразу-класс! можно даже попутешствовать с вами в лесу...а фотографии на память..ха-ха-а..мне очень понравились фотки Ромы и Алекса. необычно снято и очень эмоциональные фото получилось.

Kira said...

privet anonymous!
spasibo za comment,a vi kto?

Anonymous said...

ой!забыла подписаться..это я-Сестра твоя,Мария;))))

Sebastian said...

Looks great, as always :)