Tuesday, December 25, 2007

bed stories

just a little something i occasionally shoot.


Suzan said...

Oh, I like this. I really do! It's so subtle and intimate. So lovely!

Anonymous said...

"Do fifty of them - you will definitely get a show.... " Charles H. Traub

Kira said...

haha,remember what you told me yesterday about your color photos? same here;)

why o why are you ruining my surprise,i was intending to post 100 more next time :emo:
now i am a bitter artist.no art for you :P

Rebecca (anna) said...

Well you already know I like sheets :)

Sebastian said...

Me Likes *troll*

stefan said...

aww. awesome.

P said...

from DA right trought Blogspot... your bed-serie made me think about him > http://www.noahkalina.com/
Dunno why...
I really like it! Your serie and that photographer! Is like... lonleynes, okay... that's it, all I wanted to say! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

m..da kiruha... MOLODEZZZZZ

sakalov :)