Tuesday, December 18, 2007

things i've seen

if you have an original and super fascinating title for this post please let me know cause i'm boring myself already.

The winter seems to be here, even though there were about 2 days of rain (not that i complain).
Winter time is always a pleasing period to find some photos back from lazy summer days.
So here goes.
Mister Robinson Niko :)

too bad i can't remember what were they talking about but Yitzhak's expressions are priceless.

someone was very "tired"

Anna and Tal.Tal was giving Anna a massage so therefore the serious business look.

massages and beers is the good life.

yet again, very serious business.

the serious house owner mister Shiko

traditional family photos.
i only now notice that the label of the bottle is exactly in the same line of the couch.
which is obviously holds high artistic value!

this was taken sometime during the holidays season,back in october.

grandpa being impressed by new technology.

never tasted a baked guava before.it was wierd.

my grandma should really stop reading those newspapers.every time she finds some life- changing-health-concerned-dust-free advices and tries to convince everyone how true and great they are.

speaking of dust and cleaning.grandma's addiction for cleaning is slowly passing to my mom here.


nope,he doesn't use his nose to drink coffee, he just pours it until the glass is too full to raise it with his shaky hands.

on my way to the train station.
i've bee passing near those towers for more than 2 years and this is about the second time i take a photo.dunno.i guess glass towers are not my thing.
could be nicer without the cars though.too bad it was the traffic time.

when i first intended to take the above photo i looked through the viewfinder and i saw this,so at first i clicked and then set the focus.

PSP classes

psp classes paid off? hmm
i like the fact that you almost can't see his face but only the wrinkles of a smile

Bally knitted a scarf for me. there is no point in seeing it bw

here it is.
what a lousy angle for a self portrait ha?
i like my green halo though.

dj Serdjo

lazy friday noon. i really like this portrait of Moti and Roma.

mister Dan whom i rarely see these days and miss very much :/

the lovely Maya whom i must photograph again some time!

shooting neopan 1600 in daylight can be very nice i think

apples and coffee.
Reut,you're a freak :)

a wtf frame

Yonatan,who loves pink-orange scarfs :P

so you know,the right "part" of the frame was staged :)

i can't imagine carrying this monster around.
it belongs to Yonatan's grandpa.

took these two at the begining of the semester when the sun was shining so nicely.

a double exposure in which Zik settled very comfortably in my grandparents bed :)

out of focus-toilet-self portraits are the hit of the season.
remember who told you first :P

until next time. cheese.


אמירולה said...

אמא שלך מאממת!
וגם את....
אחלה תמונות!

djyonat said...

אחלה תמונות

בייחוד האחרונה.


יונתן שאוהב צעיפים ורודים וכתומים

Shiko said...

Dahmmmmm I'm looking good :) and remember all, I'm the house holder... love u K Woman.

Süper Eyali said...

האלו בובה, אני לא מאמין ששוב צילמת אותי עם האצבע באף. אני חייב להפסיק עם השטות הזאת. צלמי אותי כשאני קורא אפלטון, טולסטוי, אקשן סקריפט. לא כשאני טבעי

Suzan said...

That selfportrait is extremely cute! Even when it's OOF.
Some really pleasant shots here. Good vibe! Love the ones of your grandfather at dinner and your mom cleaning.
Love the booze drinking girl in hammock photo too! And the food shots... mmm... tasty stuff. Visually but also when I pretend that I'm eating them ;)

ziva said...

מצטרפת למחמאות. התמונה של
סבא שותה קלאסית! אני נורא אוהבת גם את זו של סבא וסבתא במיטה

maxlake2 said...

Your family seems SO interesting! And I'm glad you posted a couple of images of you with that cute little chin dimple of yours!

Anonymous said...

oooo kakaya umniza i ya teper tipa zanamenitost :)))))

sakalov :)

Levee said...

your work is beautiful :), I'm watching you on here and dA so I hope to see more things here soon? I chose this post specifically because of your smile and wanting to tell you that it's quite beautiful.Keep up the awesome work!