Thursday, December 06, 2007

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It felt weird writing nothing at all in the previous entry.I guess a certain amount of words is required in order to make a connection.

Before i start with my photos i'd like to recommend a few photographers i've been lucky to come across lately.

KayLynn Deveney's work brought tears to my eyes for obvious reasons...

The controversial but at the same time beautiful work of Sally Man here, here and a short article.

Corey Arnold is a photographer and Alaskan crab fisherman who spends a few months a year looking for adventures in the northern seas.His colorful and vivid photographs capture,among other things, the nature and animal kingdom at all their glory.

The colors,simple yet elegant compositions in Jacek Gasiorowski's photographs blow me away.

That's it for the informative part for today boys ans girls.
Now let's see what i've been seeing the last couple of months.

Starting with some oldies back from happy summer days.
I think it was during one of the holidays that Zivit,Emily and myself went on little photo trip to the fish pools near Kibutz Gan Shmuel.

Some nature for a change:)
this is porta 400nc,a lovely yet expensive candy

hello Emily!

the lovely Emilola

who's been a bad girl for not posting any photos!

this little trip had actually turned to a serious adventure when our car got stuck in the sand.
Boy,that was some serious shit.

At first we tried to rescue the car by ourselves but that,as you might have guessed, didn't work.
We made some calls but were left without any help.
We tried to stop someone on the road but it seemed there were only gay drivers that day who wouldn't pull over to say hi to 3 chicks.

eventually our asses were saved by Bally and Yitzhak who came to our rescue.woohoo!

and we even washed the car a bit

did i say "we"? i meant, the girls were washing as i was watching the bags and documenting the important event:)

at the train station.i wish i had cropped the upper part a bit.hmm

the light is nice, everything else is boring.

aprox. 6:00am

a short entry this time, i don't wanna exhaust you guys with zillion of photos.
besides, there will be a next time very soon:)

until then,ta ta!


Sebastian said...

You felt akward not writing much and I was just trying to invent a story for more than an hour and just decided to throw it all away and just post the photos ;).

I've read about KayLynn Deveney in Jörg Colberg's blog, got the book afterwards, great work.

Wow, I'm really a critic with my great comments on photographers. Let's better chat on that some time :p

But I have one more: The lighting in is <3.

Bernhard said...

that's really lovely.

Suzan said...

Hmm, some great links!

And this portrait is SO lovely!

Anonymous said...

klassnie fotki, v osobenosti poslednaya :))