Sunday, December 06, 2009

from a while back

it's kinda funny and sad that i update the blog once in almost 6 months and always try to find excuses for that.

anyhow,there you go and thanks for those who are still watching:)


Sebastian said...

Doubt you'll get rid of your subscribers too easily. Posting more often than every 6 months might be something still :D

Anonymous said...

the double exposure with the dog turned out nice!

Kira said...

it's not a double exposure,it was shoot through the window of a hair salon for pets:)

Ilan said...

אני מזהה את גני אביב. בסיס האם שלי.
אחלה בלוג... לא בטוח שתקראי את ההודעה, נראה שהוא שהבלוג קצת נזנח. :P

Ashraf said...

Miss you work!