Saturday, February 03, 2007


I've collected some photos of kitchen scenes, i thought it was nice to show them all together.

well, a coffee cup and a yogurt can, used to
but since we're extremely innovative students we've (Nuni and myself) stiched them to the wall with push pins.gotta be entertained in typography class.

my mom is insisting to feed me with vitamins. little lemons with sugar/honey have lotsa vitamines!

i have to get used to the fact that 50/1.8 lens is not a macro.

At Zivit's place. She was feeding me with beer

cutlets and pickles

and a very tastey yam soup from the bag:)

love you babe!

love the lines and the reflections

Zivit's kitchen at some other day.
apx 100 make me horny.


Suzan said...

The last two photos are so nice! I can't really put my finger on it why.. Guess it's indeed the lineplay in the second last and the nice smooth tones and dof in the last one!

Anonymous said...

Мне очень понравилась последняя фотография..ощущение,что она нарисована кистью.

Anonymous said...

Это Маша)

Anonymous said...

ya vsegda znal chto ti talant...

sakalov, e moe ;))

Amir said...

you are so fu-ya!
why can't you write zivit and amir's kitchen??????


Kira said...

because i'm so fu-ya!