Saturday, March 03, 2007


Holy crap, it's been ages since I've updated my blog.Poor abandoned blog...awwww.
So what was i so "busy" with during the past month of February?
First of all there was sort of semester break, during which i had to study for a History of Art exam which was so very gripping (NiGa,YoU're ConTangEous)...or NOT and also writing two essays about topics you really don't want to hear about.

My birthday was also one of the many other birthdays that had occured in february. It was both happy and sad birthday.My grandpa was hospitalised earlier that week due to a rock (don't know the medical term) in his
gall bladder, so the general mood in our house was very tensed and super gloomy. When granpa called to wish me happt birthday it was the last straw. I just couldn't listen to his week and broken voice wishing me happiness and health...
Seriously,i'd never wish anyone to see their beloved ones in such pain as i whitnesed my gramps.
As much as i sometimes wanted to record the entire situation i didn't dare to rise my hand and grab the camera.It just didn't feel right, documenting his pain. Perhaps i made a few frames,but that was in those moments
when he felt better.

As it comes to photos,hopefully there will be something to post in the upcoming days,some very hot tri-x hehe:)

And for now i'll just leave you with some "old" stuff from january and other stuff from...hmmm,wahtever,i don't remember. film used agfa apx 100 and 400.

the always oh so cheerful typography class

Liad, you have nothing to complain about anymore!

only those who were there will get this naughty action:p

some hot street stuff

reala 100 at night! mwahaha
i just don't give a shit about which film is loaded in the cam, i just shoot.even when knowing that the frame would eventually
suck, but as you can see there are nice surprises sometimes .

She's said something extremely amazing to me concerning this photo.
sorry,i won't tell you what it was.
but you might guess, if you're smart enough.

the main attraction in the hole where i live in is the decorative park with the fat fish pool.

chess/checkers/backgammon players.
this squere,named "the piazza", which was their meeting place for years, is being ruined these days.
There will be brand new shiny road instead of it.
In the meanwhile these men play their game near the shop in the left corner of this frame.

some dog action

and that's me under the hair

(Рома, ну ты даешь! :)


ta ta


Anonymous said...

uchitelya horoshie vot i "dayu" :))


Tomé Duarte said...


Kira said...


Tomé Duarte said...

impressive, you recognized me with your eyes closed!


Kira said...


(sadly,no msn smilies here,otherwise i'd put the "mwahaha" face)

Miss Suze said...

Ha, I couldn't resist; had to check the blog before I went to bed ;)

I very much like the b/w photos in this entry. I always wonder why they appeal more to me, guess they just have certain atmopshere which I do not quickly find in colourphotography. Or perhaps it's more simple: colours are to distracting? I don't know! Weeeh.

Anywho... the lonely balloons are awesome :D Some very lovely portraits here too! I love the way you have some photos that are very awesome in a very nicely subtle and calm way (I especially felt that with the balloons). I dig that, K-love!