Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Beware,long post ahead!

My dear watchers!
I must tell how terribly excited i am,not specifically today but in general. When i go to the lab to pick the negatives i take a few moments to look at the scans on the monitor and almost immediately start laughing and giggling and at times there are tears in my eyes. I see those images i've been blessed to capture and start calling friends being eager to share my joy.Right away i'm making sketches in my mind of the descriptions i'd write for the post on the blog so you guys can smile/laugh/giggle or whatever with me,wherever you are, wherever you're from.

It truly makes me happy to get comments saying that I've managed to touch you in a some way. Can't describe how much adrenaline i receive from photography.Being able to document my friends and family laugh,kiss,being sad or wandering is a great great gift.

I mostly take photos for selfish reasons,so when i'm old,grey and senile i can remember all those moments that once brought joy to me and to people surrounding me.

I just wanna thank everyone who have been and still are continuously supporting and encouraging me in every possible way and for tolerating me when i stick the camera at your faces,invading your life.

Ah,now that i took took the emotional bla bla off me check out the photos :)
Films used:apx 400,tri-x,125px,ilford pan 400.If you're into knowing which film used for each photo just click to enlarge the pic,it will show it the file name.

At one of the last days of the semester we were supposed to have the final Typography presentation.We were extremely surprised to find out that it was scheduled for only 3 hours later.NICE!
We were saved from boredom by Offer (yes,that's his name) who kindly invited us to have a breakfast on his balcony.
20 minutes later everyone were doing their business:

Liad got settled in the best seat in the house.

i was snapping every corner in there,yeah i'm a geek.

Men at work

Nuni was cutting onions! haha

yeah,Tomer had to document that lovely scene as well;)

yum yum yum!

he told me how those things are called,but..yeah.i forgot.
He sure can produce a very lovely sound.

that lovely

and those of us who haven't had such breakfast looked like this;)

some absolutely random photos from the streets

pointless to translate,really.

i was very surprised to actually get a decent photo from the was really dark.

really dark!

the view from Shiko's old place.
i should practice long exposures sometime.

My cousin Michael has celebrated his 16th birthday.That's quite unbelievable since only yesterday he was born and was in a size of a peanut and now i have to raise my head in order to see his face high above in the clouds.

the fancy light leaks are sponsored by your humble hostess.they occurred due to the fact that i completely forgot there was film (what a funny thing is film) loaded in the camera.Luckily enough i realised that pretty damn fast so no big damage was caused.

i've noticed that i have this manner to shoot people twice,first the upper part and then the legs or hands.
maybe i just shoot get a wide angle lens;)

This is Moti

he always stands like that when he leans on the wall

i enjoy the sight of how different people hold their cigs.
but i don't enjoy this awful composition.

some frames from my home

Mom and Volodya

i love to "interrupt"

and since i don't have a silent Leica i usually get busted.
if the first photo seemed familiar to you it's because it has another version

i like to cover all the angles

remember i mentioned the 2 parts portraits?

This is my mom's boyfriend Volodya, who's been there for me more than my real father has ever been in the whole period of my existence.

grandpa's cooking gourmet breakfast for grandma.

kidding,it was only the usual porridge.

"yes,it's very interesting when i brushing my hair"


Bally's cousin Gabi from Brazil came to visit.
It was really great to see him agian after 7 years.haha

and if i wouldn't have fucked another roll of film there would be plenty more photos from the time he was here.
(details will follow below)


at some other time Bally convinced Niko to be treated in hair nail salon

he was sceptic at the begining

but then he kinda gave up

awww #2

just before the final presentation we had a little brainstorming meeting in order to help Guy with his final project for that course.

so guy was very worried
and hungry

he ate

and Eyal drank

i drank too

just coffee,promise.

gotta thank Reut for the nice photos of me;)

in a very surprising way we didn't help Guy much.
but nonetheless he has managed to pull out a fucking awesome project.

o.k and now i'll tell you a little story about how genius i am.
So,i shot this roll of ilford pan 400 with the Zenit 122 and since i always have trouble with taking out the film from that specific cam i usually go Alex at the photo store.
So apparently i put that finished roll in my bag (since i do the proccesing in Tel Aviv) and pretty much forgot about it.
Now,at some other time when i finished a roll i took that finished roll and loaded it AGAIN in the Nikon!
The roll was in a box with a piece of film sticking out so i never suspected it was a finished roll.

So many good frames went to hell.
I was willing to tear out the hair off my head at the moment i realized what i did.

Anyhow,i'll stop whining and show a few relatively interesting double exposures.

a woman taking the bus and myself underneath having a drink

grandpa's reading a paper inside of strainer full with peas.sweet!

grandpa's taking a nap and my beloved friend Bally looking at him with joy

Yigal showing me the masterpiece on his finger nail which of my grandpa's slipper (which is located under Yigal's face) thought :"CREEPER" :)


and after.
i allowed myself to crop it.
it's the only frame that somehow looked o.k

this was a very long entry.
i'm completely exhausted.
there's some nice water melon waiting in the fridge.

until next time!
ta ta


Guy said...

גרייט סטאף בייבי! :)

תודה על העזרה ועל הצילומים.

Anonymous said...

אני יודעת שאת חושבת שאני לא אובייקטיבית אבל התמונות פשוט מדהימות! אחת אחת פשוט מ-ק-ס-י-ם-!
כמו שכבר אמרתי לך אלף פעם, את אחראית על הצילומי חתונה שלי הא...
ותגידי, מה קרה לבן דוד שלך?? הוא אמור להיות בערך בן 4 עכשיו איך 16 לעזאזל?!?!? רק אתמול לקחנו אותו מהגן... פאק!!!
מזל שאנחנו כמו יין טוב, משתבחות, לא מזדקנות...
אני אוהבת אותך המון
ותודה על הפפראצי המדהימות עם יצחק. מבטיחה לא להעיר לך יותר בחיים.

Süper Eyali said...

יופי של תמונות קירה רק חבל שהמצלמה מוסיפה לי 10 קילו וחמש שנים. אני פשוט יודע שבחיים אני יותר רזה, אני יודע! שמעת!? יותר רזה

סתם, אני נהדר כמו שאני. וגם את. זה מה שיפה בכל הסיפור

Suzan said...

Hahaha, what a cute sentimental rant at the beginning ;)
And some lovely photos! I do the face and then hand/feet shot thing too! I'm not sure if you should get a wide angle. I mean, faces and hands say so much about a person that they both deserve a seperate frame I think :D
I love the portrait of your mom's boyfriend, very straightforward and simple.
The light at your home is so fantastic through those blinds and curtains!
And I really love the portrait of your grandpa in the pan of peas, really!!
I did the accidentally reusing of a roll recently too. Luckily I realised in time and only one frame got wasted. Luckily I'm very consistent in putting in film, so the double exposure didn't overlap.
It sucks when such things happen, hm? But on the bright side... it won't happen to you anytime soon again I think. Oh, and I always carry a marker with me now and mark the rolls with "FULL!!!" when I finished them ;)

Kira, it was a pleasure having a peek in your life once again. Hugs from the Netherlands!

Rebecca said...

hey kira :) this is by far my favorite blog entry of you. some really nice memories are captured here. i love the tattoo guys in the kitchen :D

Anonymous said...

אין מה להגיד, התמונות שלך מדהימות כמו תמיד!

את וענבל הייתן לוקחות אותי מהגן?! :S


nunjah said...

such a talent should be out in the spot light!
love the new pictures!you are just getting better and better.
you should start thinking about you own shows out in the wide world!
goddamn it!!!

artis said...

our reasons match pretty much indeed.. seems like I'm not the only one! realy like your family photos from home - the little beautiful moments of everyday.

Anonymous said...

Много времени прошло пока я досмотрела фотографии до конца и прочитала все,что ты написала, дорогая сестричка.
Все очень чистое и искреннее,ясное и понятное, живое...Такое живое,что лет так через 50 тебе будет просто вспомнить почти каждую минуту твоей жизни...

Ronny said...

pict number-apx400_14_kira_k.JPG amazing

nacho said...

when you said long post I never thought you meant THAT long. haha.
Anyway, I like long posts, when they're intresting.
And this post was way more intresting that anything I could have done in these 15 minutes.
My favourite photos are the ones you took of your family. I think I saw some of them on dA.

I know that feeling you get when you take pictures, I think I have very similar symptoms!

mattaustinphoto said...

great post!

the photos of your grandparents are beautiful. keep it up with the portraiture, i'm excited to see what's next.


Sebastian said...

this one starts out pretty emo :p but i love you too ;) this makes me hungry. and i don't have cigs. art! but nice somehow. smelly feet! we know that sort, do we. not so sure if it's maybe hands which work better for those shots ;) group shot! something i rather seem seldom. aww for those two. but you cut off the leg!

and the double exposures actually turned out pretty interesting. never made any. think that one's my fav - grandpa in peas. haha. but this one and are both pretty interesting.

and concerning that shooting hands or food as you did sometime .. found myself recently to shoot "details" like that as well. think you've kinda infected me. shame on you! ;)

ha, so i finally managed to go through that long post after uhm .. 2 weeks or so :D

maya said...

beautiful. i wish i had the guts to shoot film too.. :)

Srivatsan said...


Just chanced upon your blog, great stuff!
and oh, those lovely-sound-producing thingees are called tablas :D