Tuesday, July 17, 2007

free at last

I can't believe this awful semester is behind us.what a great relief! I can finally wake up without having to rush in the morning,lazily get out of the bed,go to the toilet and walk back to bed.Heeehaaa.
The weather is pretty fucking awful because it's ridiculously hot,but the good thing about it is the chance to use some nice 100asa color film.In fact,i shot this lovely cheap fuji film i bought for 10shekels (~1.7EU) in the central bus station in tel aviv,which reminds me to get a stock of it next time i'm there.
So,here are some colors frames i shot over this weekend.
3 rolls of bw film are waiting to get developed.Ahh,can't wait!

So,went to visit Bally on friday and she was having very important and serious conversation.I simply enjoyed the sun beams hugging her like that.

then we did some girlie stuff

and then Yitzhak came and they did not so girlie stuff.

and no,she's not naked,just strapless dress.

On saturday (free saturday at last!) Zivachka and myself went for a walk near her house.
There's this abandoned place which used to be a living complex for pensioners and some other buildings for different use such as art workshops (if i'm not mistaken).
city council is basically ruining this place step by step.They'll probably build some new fancy houses or crap like that instead of developing the area by creating a park.

I'm not a big fan of shooting architecture in general and on film in particular so i kinda focused more on the environment in general and with Zivachka in some frames:)

apparently there are some lovely spots in my not so lovely city

we've discovered a field of sunflowers or as Zivachka named it "a sunflower cemetery"
i must say it was a pretty sad view...

as much as we're used to see beautiful photos of shiny sunflowers this one is a bit different

she found seeds on the ground.some were eatable.

on sunday i was too curious so i rushed to the photo shop and saw this old man with his cell.such scenes always make me giggle.
old people press the phone buttons as it was a remote control:)

I asked Alex at the shop to have the honor of the 36th frame.

it's a actually frame 37.

i made a stupid face and put my tongue out but he was patient.

til' next black and white time!
ta ta


Stelios said...

I loved the composition on this one http://bp3.blogger.com/_p_m2h57Fboo/Rpviqqhkq_I/AAAAAAAABJg/yM99cVSvSFI/s1600-h/fuji100_13_kira_k.jpg

and the last portrait is nice and simple.

its great when the only route you have to take is the toilet-bed-sofa one. have fun!

nacho said...

ow man I can't believe she's not naked!
I guess I'll head back to dA, the land of nudity!
just kiddin'

I like this one pretty much http://bp0.blogger.com/_p_m2h57Fboo/Rpviq6hkrAI/AAAAAAAABJo/ii4iFTIBr8Q/s1600-h/fuji100_14_kira_k.jpg


Suzan said...

Always nice to have a peek in your life, babe :)
Old people with cellphones! I caught one last year holding a magnifying glass above it, haha :D

zivit said...

interesting day wasn't it?
and. a great relief indeed
though it seems like I am having a hard time with the sunflower seeds

I love the pic of Bally and Yizhak and your portrait too. makes me wanna grab you and do some not girly things..

ehhh well,
I put some pics from that day 2