Saturday, July 07, 2007

Shiko's Birthday

This entry will probably be more interesting and relevant for the people who were present there,so...

Birthday boy Shiko on his special chair

changed the traditional vodka with red wine

(רוני,לתשומת ליבך)


Yitzhak was changing his hair every other minute:)

"ehh, what?"

i got caught

i didn't shoot the nice meat we were eating because,well i was eating, but instead here are some of our finest Ben & Jerry's eaters.

the dramatic eater,Tal

the ambitious eater Uri (center) and the greedy eater Peter on the left

and the kinky eater Shiko

til' next time!
ta ta.


JayGannon said...

Bah less Wine more Vodka!!
Arty drunk shots ftw!!

Anonymous said...

מהממת שלי אני פשוט מתה על התמונות שלך!!!
אני ממש אוהבת את התמונה שלי על יצחק. תפסת רגע של אושר אמיתי :)
אוהבת אותך המון

Suzan said...

Being the voyeur I am I like it to have a peek in other people's live, no matter if I was there or not. And you feel the same, admit it! ;)
I like the one where you got caught the most. Totally badass :D